Saturday, January 27, 2007

January Jamboree

I received from M.O. yesterday, so here are some pictures:

This is a picture of Lake Michigan that she took herself.
On each corner of the frame, there's a marble magnet,
made just for me ^_^

She got me some lovely, fuzzy yarn, a pair of circular needles,
and some scrapbooking stuff.
Oh, and some yummy chocolate ^_^

She painted this wooden box for me. Isn't it pretty?

This is a little pocket mirror

Which matches the bag she painted. Check it out,
the face on it looks like one of those
cat-clocks where the eyes go back and forth.

How cool is that, for a swap package ^_^. I'm not done yet with her stuff, but I can only hope she'll like what she's getting, as much as I like what she made.
Thanks, M.O.!
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