Saturday, February 26, 2011


I just finished the gloves for Em. I wish the color came across better, but alas. Still, I think they're lovely. May knit a pair for myself. Hopefully Em'll enjoy them :-)
Project:Easy Fingerless Gloves
Pattern:Easy Fingerless Gloves
Size:one size
Yarn:Caron Simply Soft
Colors:Country Blue
Needles:US 5
Ravelry link:Hop on over!

ETA: Found the green yarn she mentioned she liked, so am going to cast on for another pair. Did I mention I was crazy? ;-)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I didn't end up blocking my shawls, since I was far too scatterbrained to do it when I had the chance, to that is waiting for another day.

I've been working on Danny's blanket again, which is coming along nicely, even if I do say so myself. I really like the idea of having a blanket in the works at all times - they're great mindless projects to have around. Must take that into consideration once budget allows for that sort of thinking again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It Sucks...

When you run out of yarn before the project is complete. It really, really does. I am using a new (to me) yarn for the shawl I'm working on. One that I've knit a hundred times (well, not quite that many, but I've made it a lot). I took into account that I would need a little more. Even went so far as to compare it to what I normally used and made an attempt at calculating the difference.

I went up a needle size, and reduced the amount of stitches in order to compensate for the difference in the type of yarn and how it was knitting up. Technically, this should have meant I was using less yarn than I'd anticipated.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Destash Alert!

Gah! I wish I had the money to spend for something like this, but since I don't, I'm more than happy to pass this along anyway.

Alaskan Purl is destashing her yarn, big time. She's putting yarn up for the next three days, and her prices are pretty good, I think. Here are the details of the how, and here is the link to the actual yarny goodness. Seriously, I'm drooling over some of these *wistful sigh*

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What Was That About A Break Again?

Yeah, not so much, it seems. I cast on for a prayer shawl, and have been knitting on and off all day - wearing braces and all. I just couldn't sit still, and I've not been up for much of anything else. *sigh*

Ah well, if nothing else, it means 2011 is looking to be a creative year, one way or another. Right?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Woot! FO # 2!

I just cast off on the second shawl. I love it. It isn't blocked yet (but then, neither is my shawl), but it seems a bit smaller. Used two very different yarns though, so will be curious to see how they end up after they've been blocked.

In the mean time, yay! Another FO already, and a Christmas gift checked off my list. *dances* I wish I could share pictures of it, but obviously that can't happen yet. Sorry to make y'all wait a whole year before seeing it.

I'm not sure what I'll work on next. I think I may give my arm a break for a couple of days though - am feeling the strain of so much crochet ;-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I was doing laundry at my mother-in-law's today, and working on my shawl. My oldest nephew (who's staying with her for the time being) walked in and saw me. Last time, he saw me knitting the fingerless gloves, and he was interested in those, too.

Today, he asked if I would make him gloves, too. He wanted to have a pair just like the ones I made for MIL (same "pattern" as the ones I posted about, but in Duck's colors; they're on Flickr). I told him I'd think about it, but I wasn't making any promises.

Then, I showed him some cool patterns for amiragumi on Ravelry, and he got all sorts of excited. Not asking if I could make some for him, but I planted the seed for him to learn, and now he wants to learn crochet so he can make gifts, just like I do. I told him to ask MIL, because she crochets better than I do, and (far as I know, at least) can understand patterns, whereas I don't. (Sorry, MIL)

I'm curious to see whether this'll amount to anything. After all, he's an eleven year old boy, who's generally excitable and will talk your ear off about any ol' thing. We shall see, I suppose.

Still, it was interesting. I actually kinda hope he learns. It'll be good for him, I think.

 On another note; I got to wondering about Christmas. I've got a few things in mind already for a few people (and let me just say how good it feels to be in this mindset again), and am pleased to know that I'll soon be done with the first of them. And I have ideas for more. Well, technically I suppose I'm done with one already, since it's already a FO, but yeah, you know what I mean.

I am still trying to work out what to do for certain people, but it's only just February - I still have plenty of time. As of today, 325 days, as a matter of fact. So far, I think I'm doing pretty good.

So what about you? Do you have anything planned for Christmas already?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Elise Shawl, Take Two

Yep, you read that right. I started another shawl. Figured I might as well get it worked on while the pattern was still fresh in my memory. I had to frog the first three rows twice before I got it right, but I managed to get there all on my own this time! *happy dance*

I'm using a very different kind of sock yarn this time though, and let me tell you... All yarn is so not created equal! This one'll be much more muted than the one I finished yesterday, as it's dark greens and grays and browns, but it'll look nice, I think.

I hope.

No pictures as of yet, as this one's intended as a gift, and while the person who's supposed to get it may or may not be reading this blog, I'd rather not spoil everything, if you know what I mean.