Saturday, October 20, 2007

More F.O.'s, Ravelry and ranting, too

I'm slowly getting my projects up on Ravelry. I've been cleaning house and finding some laying around where I'd forgotten them. Oops! Also finished a few this past month. So here's two, one of each afore mentioned category ^_~.

First up, Treanna's clapotis, which she'll be getting today for her birthday (which was earlier this week).

The other FO is Trina's clapotis, which will be one of her Christmas presents this year. So shh, no one say anything :P.

I'm enjoying Ravelry a lot. I've been slowly adding stuff to my project list, as I said before. It's interesting to go over all of them again now, see how far I've come. I'm still far from finished with it, but I don't always feel like messing with it lol. So now and again there'll be many updates in a row, and then a long time nothing. Ah well, my prerogative, right?

I'm having issues with several projects at the moment. They're actually really beginning to piss me off, because they're all supposed to be relatively easy things to make. And I just can not figure them out. I hate it.
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