Friday, December 14, 2007

I get it now...

I finally get why a lot of people become yarn snobs, and why they do not make clothing items with acrylic yarn. I made the One Skein Wonder for myself with Caron Simply Soft, right? I love it, and I love how soft it is. One thing I don't love about it? It stretches a bit and won't stay on my shoulders properly anymore. And since acrylic has no memory to it, unlike wool.... it won't "bounce back" after washing. *sigh* No fair. And I just (well..."just") bought yarn to make myself and Treanna cardigans with, too. Now I'm not sure I want to use it anymore. I think it may get re-purposed for afghans or something. Means I won't be making cardigans for a good long time, and definitely not for both of us, which peeves me a little. I don't know. I feel deflated now, which sucks. Using nicer yarns means more money spent and I can't afford that for as much as I would like to make (since I intend to do gift knitting next year). Bah. Can't I win the lottery or something? That'd work, right?
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