Saturday, November 19, 2011

Been A While Again

Yeah, yeah, I know, I've been MIA again a while. Partially because I've had another extended period of not being able to do anything, thanks for my fibro acting up, and partially due to the fact that what crafting I've done has mostly been for a swap. One that isn't done yet, so I can't share anything at this point. I will, though, once it's over and my recipient's gotten her package. ;-)

There are a few things I can share, however. I've done a bit of selfish knitting, too. I'd started working on a Multnomah shawl for myself, using the glass needles Dustin got me for my birthday this year. I love those needles, by the way, they're the best ones I've ever worked with. I got about halfway with my shawl when I, unfortunately, broke my needles. See?

Cue me pouting. So now my Multnomah's on hiatus until I can get new needles. I can't wait to finish it, though. It's funny, because when this yarn is balled up, the predominant color was pinkish-purple with charcoal, but knitting it up, it's turning out the exact opposite. 

One of the girls from UU (ravelry) is sending me a set of hers so I can at least finish my shawl, since I don't have any others that particular size. These needles will have to wait to be sent in to get fixed, though.

I was a bit bummed about my shawl, as you can imagine, and itching to knit. Not to mention, dying to use some of the yarn Dustin had given me for my birthday, so I went scouring for something to make for myself, since I'd been doing so much swap knitting. I decided to make an On the Waves Wrap, using my Woobu yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. That yarn is soooooo nice to work with. I hope it'll block and wear okay, because man oh man!

Project:Woobu Waves
Pattern:On the Waves
Yarn:Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu
Ravelry link:Hop on over!

Obviously, it hasn't been blocked yet, so this isn't how it'll be, but the basic design is visible. It'll just be a bit more so once it's blocked.  I added about four repeats to the pattern, because I thought it was a little on the short side, considering the fact I'm not exactly... small, up front, if you know what I mean. I probably should've blocked before doing so, though, because I have no idea right now whether it'll end up being too long, but I guess I'll find out. I love how it looks and feels, though! So soft. 

I really, really wish I could share all the swap-items I've been working on (as well as a couple of gifts, come to think of it), but alas! I promise, though, I will do so at the earliest opportunity. 

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