Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long time gone....

As in me. Been kind of absent lately on the internetz. No particular reason. The world has not gone under. I've not died or even gotten too sick I was unable to do anything. I've just taken a break from it all. ^_^

I've come to a conclusion though. Things have gotten tighter lately, in our pocketbooks. We've all noticed it, I'm sure. Higher gas prices, higher grocery prices, the list goes on and on. In our house we've certainly felt it. Which is why I've not bought yarn in a long time (not including the few skeins here and there for a WIP for Treanna, since I didn't have enough).
So what have I been doing, you ask? I've been *gasp* stash busting. Everything I've been working on has been made pretty much from stuff already in my possession. My stash. Working pretty well, too.
I managed to actually knit a clapotis for myself and have a second on in the making (though I'm worrying about running out of yarn on that one). No pictures yet though. I've also been working on 3 blankets (one of them being the aforementioned WIP for Treanna). One of them is done except for figuring out a way to make an edging. The other I'm still working on as it is a patchwork kind of thing.

It feels pretty good to be able to keep on knitting without spending more money on it. Though I will admit I wish I were able to get more lol. I've got a stash, but mostly it's oddballs of this and that (the downside of "inheriting" most of your stash rather than buying it yourself).

Anyway, back to this conclusion I was talking about before. The reason so many knitters acquire a stash over the years? We buy yarn when we are able to afford to do so, so that we will have it in times when we can't. So, for those who would look down on those of us with a stash of yarn, I say ha! Now you know why ^_~

By the by, after posting I looked at the banner above this post. The number of days left before Christmas is starting to scare me -_-.... so much to do, so little time!
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