Sunday, June 5, 2011


I just cast off on the Tongues of Fire stole, and I'm having doubts on the length of it. I'm hoping that it'll gain some length once I block it. I did try to see how much there'd be gained by blocking a small part of it, and I think it'll be okay... but to see it off the needles as it is right now, I'm worried... very worried.

See what I mean? It looks so... short. And come to think of it, also quite narrow. I wish I had the room to block this out properly, but I honestly don't at the moment. Need to figure that one out, as the length of it is a little longer than the space I have free (and that doesn't have cats running all over it). So I guess I'll be worried a little while longer.

No idea what I'll work on next. Might just end up doing a little more on the blanket, if I can handle the heat (no, seriously, that thing's getting warm!).
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