Sunday, July 24, 2011


I just finished binding off on my Deirdre shawl! The colors worked out so nicely, I'm quite pleased. The shawl turned out very differently to what I was expecting, given the image provided with the pattern. It's definitely a bit smaller than I was wanting, so I'm hoping it'll block out well.

All the same, I'm quite in love with it, even with all the mistakes I made. Hope they won't show too much once blocked ;-)

The details:

Project:Test knit for PBrr
Size:one size
Yarn:Propaganda Yarn; Nadya base
Colors:Grapefruit Diet (Blood Oranges for Breakfast, originally)
Needles:US2 for upper stockinette, US4 for lace and border
Ravelry link:Deirdre
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