Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I got a PM from the designer of Tongues. All in all, I do appreciate her contacting me, but I'm still bummed as hell. The pattern page isn't very clear. The reason I chose that pattern was because the yarn I had was a little more than the minimum required, as stated on the page. The pattern itself says it used 2 skeins (but not how much yardage said skeins had, so for me that was no indicator at all. I don't know that much yet about yardage and stuff).

Turns out the minimum was added for people "wanting to make scarves". Well, it doesn't really say that anywhere. I wanted a shawl. Not a scarf. And apparently, the yardage I have is for... a scarf.

So now I'm bummed as hell. I'm not feeling the yarn, or the pattern. Hell, I don't even feel like knitting at all, which sucks. 
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