Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slugging Along

Well, sort of. I finished of gift # 2 for Jen the other day, and cast on for #3. This should be the last of the knitted items (at least, that I had planned). Then I just have to figure out what else to do. I have ideas, it's just a question of means.

I haven't had the heart to look at my shawls yet. Kinda got burnt on that after the yardage fiasco. Do want to pick them both up again though.

Also, need to figure out a way to get the lace I've done already, blocked. Twice now, I've taken it to MIL's and not done it. Why? Because I'm worried they won't dry in time for me to take home again, and I do not trust them not to mess with it if I leave it (kids + dog = trouble). So home it is, just need to figure out a way.
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