Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clever, I Am.

No, really. >.< I had my friend send me a copy of the HTML for the FO-tables, so I could have all the information together and stuff, and what do I do? I forget to add them to my FO posts! Silly me! So I just went and added them to the various posts, excepting the gift posts, since I obviously can't share that information yet.

In the mean time, I'm currently at 20 repeats on the Tongues in Flame, and I'm wondering just how far I've got left to go with it. It's only 36" long right now, but it's unblocked. No idea how much I have left, but it doesn't seem like it's anywhere close at this point. *sigh* I'm loving how it's working out, though.
close up

and the whole thing

Not bad, huh?
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