Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bugger It

Couldn't really do it, shouldn't really do it, but I did anyway. Scraped enough together to buy the yarn I needed for my gift project. Needed to feel good about something going the way it's supposed to, and that was it.

Knitting part of it is now done, and hubby said he'd do the sewing part for me (he's a lot better at hand-sewing than I am). Then there's just finishing touches left to do, and it'll truly be finished. But at least the knitting of it is done with. And yes, it does feel good.

That said, I started on part two of the project. So far, so good. I just hope it ends up fitting. Gah, sucks  having to be so damn cryptic, but since it's supposed to be a surprise, I can't very well post it here where she can see ;-)

Patience is a virtue, isn't that what they say?
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