Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old FO's

Finally got around to taking pictures of two blankets I've had done forever now, and thought I'd share them with you.

One is the Moderne Baby Blanket, by MasonDixon Knitting, made with the same colors as the blanket I made for our Queen-bed. No particular recipient in mind when I made it; I simply had the yarn left over and figured I'd use it for that. Why not, right?

The next one was just to see what I could come up with. I kept knitting until I ran out of yarn (it was yarn that someone had gifted me with, and I made a lot with it, this blanket aside). Again, had no recipient in mind at the time I made it, but it's since been decided to be a gift to my nephew who's a fervent Ducks fan (his poor dad, the Beaver-fan has a lot to endure).

I started that shawl I mentioned the other day. I've had to rip it several times already, and I've been in tears a few times from sheer frustration. Luckily, some of the girls on Ravelry are being quite helpful (Tiggzie's making a picture tutorial for me, how lucky can one girl get?), so I'm going to keep trudging along for now. They promise it gets easier once there are more repeats, so I'm hoping they're right. The cats are looking at me funny, though, since I'm saying every step I am doing out loud as I'm doing it. I'm glad I'm home alone today...

ETA: Speaking of digging up, you'll probably see things appear on the WIP bar as I come across things. No, I have not suddenly become uber-productive, these are merely projects I put aside years ago and am coming back to ;-)
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