Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh My God, I'm Done!

*dances* I just cast off on the Elise Shawl! I'm sooooo happy! Just need to sit and block it, but it's done!!!

I'm so happy with the end result. Definitely worth the tears I shed (yes, no lie there) when I started. Going to probably make another one at some point. 

ETA: since it was so late last night, I didn't really get to post everything I wanted to. My friend, BrightShadowSky made a table for FO's (Finished Objects) that I aim to use from here on out. 

Project:Elise Shawl
Pattern:Elise Shawl Pattern, on Ravelry
Yarn:At The Deep End #2, 50% organic cotton
50% tencel
Needles:I hook
Ravelry link:Hop on over!
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