Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Forgot!

I can finally show the second Elise shawl I crocheted, since I gave it to my Mother-in-Law last week for Mother's Day (okay, okay, a few days, late, but it still counts).

Here's a picture pre-blocking:

and here is the finished product, all blocked:

She loved it, thankfully. First thing she did was go through her wardrobe to see what outfits would go with it, which was awesome. So yay, for that! 

I haven't been able to do a hell of a lot on the crafting front of late, as I managed to hit my elbow hard enough to make "funny bone, very not funny" and give me issues. It's getting better, slowly, but it means my crafting mojo's taken a definite hit. Hoping to get back to it soon. I might even brave my sewing machine!
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